White & Leopard

10 January 2015

{Sunnies Studios Sunglasses, Hanes V-neck T-shirt, Department Store White Denim Pants and Studded Chain Bag, Bazaar Find Navy Blazer, Parisian Leopard Print Flats}

Up until last week I've avoided going out in an all white ensemble because I have a strong tendency to get a stain or two when I'm in white. Eating lunch meant steering clear of food that will leave a noticeable mark on my clothes. To break the monotony of the look I wore a navy blazer and topped that off with printed flats from Parisian. The flats were a steal but they were a pain to break into :( I had blisters after walking around in them :(


  1. Gorgeous!


  2. I like the flats. I need a nude one but this looks more exciting. I should wear thick socks and walk around the house to break this in.


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