Monday's Five

16 March 2015

{costume earrings from Parfois}

The closer the break from work, the busier I get. Broke the record for most Over Time hours clocked in by staying in the office for nearly 18 hours. CRAAAY. Two nights after I clocked in 9 hours. No biggie anymore after staying in the office until 2:30 AM. I had plans for the weekend but I had to change all that because I had to take my mom to the hospital due of stomach flu (she's fine now) and I've been feverish since I got home last Thursday. It had been a pretty chill weekend which is exactly what I needed. Hope you had a great weekend! Have a good week ahead xx

{comfiest and softest Abel Iloco blanket}

{Cravings' Baked fish in olive oil topped with capers, bacon (!!!), toasted garlic and fried shallots}

{Porkchop thinking of a way to reach my earphones-- my third in a year since she chewed on the other two}



  1. Those shoes are to die for!!! Love your blog

  2. awww thanks Kaley! x thanks for dropping by! x

  3. Those earrings are so pretty

  4. WHAT 18 hours in the office? You're a real die hard haha.

  5. Glad your mom's ok and hope you feel better! You need a vacation for sure.

    cute shoes btw! :)

  6. didn't have a choice! had to stay haha

  7. That sucks :(


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