Monday's Five

23 March 2015

{coffee = life source}

Pretty thrilled with how last week ended! I was able to catch up on sleep and just stay at home. When I was much, much younger the prospect of just staying at home was boring to say the least-- as I've gotten older however, I find that chill days spent at home for reading, watching series, sleeping in are preferred over going out. Hope you had a great weekend! Have a good week ahead! x

{finally got to watch Cinderella!}

{Distressed white jeans are slowly becoming a summer staple}

{new perfume from my Dad and the comfiest shoes from Charles & Keith}

{Porkchop with my owl pillow}


  1. Love those shoes super cute! And your dog is so adorable

  2. Tailored and true24 March, 2015 00:04

    Cute photos! And I always love a good Friday night at home :) So restful!

  3. Totally agree on staying in on the weekends, I live for weekend naps! haha Love those white wedges!

  4. How was Cinderella? :) I haven't watched it yet but I really would love to see it soon!!! And porkchop is such a cute. :)


  5. that's true! thanks for dropping by! x

  6. It's a really good movie! There are sad bits in the beginning, but it gets better as the movie progresses! x

  7. Hi Fran, I am loving the new look of your blog. Very sophisticated! :) also ano yung lipstick mo jan? heheh


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