21 April 2015

Capped off March with a trip to Boracay with my brother. The Boracay trip was the perfect conclusion to a series of busy months. It's right around the first few months of the year that the shores in Stations 1, 2 and 3 are mossy. So if you'll be bothered with that-- make sure to schedule your trip at another time of the year. You can also opt to go to Puka Beach instead-- the sand is more coarse, the waves are stronger, but it is far more peaceful. My brother and I spent most of our time there. Sharing with you some photos I've taken during our recent trip to the Island. 


  1. Ankyut nung mga necklace!



  2. totoo! i thought they were necklaces too but the vendor said shell crowns yun! sobrang cute in person xx

  3. ay crowns pala. pero pwed din namang necklace he he he

  4. Oh my what lovely photos! Looks like it was so fun!:)


  5. Yay for beaches! I have only been to boracay twice, and both times the water has been extremely mossy, it's irritating. :( I haven't been to Puka, so hopefully I could go there by the time that I go back to the island. :)

  6. wish i got a holiday too! super jealous of the pictures but happy for you!

    back with a new post!

  7. you should definitely go there next time you're in Bora! Less people so more peaceful :) Trike ride is a bit expensive though-- 150 per trip. so better if there are a lot of you sharing the fare!


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