Cold Shoulder

17 June 2015

{Bazaar find Off Shoulder Jersey top and Gingham Polo Shirt, Terranova Jeans, Fino Bag, Forever 21 Mary janes}

Been a while since I last posted on the blog! Since I got my Xperia phone I've been taking photos more often but most of them land on my Instagram -- so if you'd like more updates.. follow me on Instagram xx 

I've had this jersey top for a while now but I haven't had the chance to take ootd photos with it until last weekend. Ever since my boyfriend pointed out that he likes off shoulder tops on me (Freshman year, Undergrad), I've made a conscious effort to look for them. Unfortunately they're hard to come by. This jersey top was from a bazaar and I didn't think it would hold up nicely after a few washes-- fortunately it does, though now I regret not buying it in other colors. I've been on the hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans for the longest time too and this pair I got from Terranova is the best. It's not too baggy and not too snug around the hip area. I've had to make adjustments with the length though...


  1. Love your top! Have the same concerns with Jersey tops, they change shape after washing (PS Xperia camera is awesome!)

  2. Maddie Gillis02 July, 2015 13:02

    This outfit is too cute!! I have been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans too, so I will have to check those out!


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