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26 July 2015

Been a while since I used red lipstick! MAC's Russian Red used to be my favorite but my tube had to retire so I thought of trying MAC's Ruby Woo. I was in the market for a retro, very pin-up girl kind of red and research has led me to Ruby Woo.

MAC describes Ruby Woo as: "Very matte vivid blue-red [Retro Matte]". Retro Matte is right. The red shade on this one is such a classic. I get a lot of compliments when I have this on! It really helps brighten up my face even though I've just groomed my brows and just had this on. The classic red helps you look put together. 

Right of the tube it looks too glossy red, but once you put it on... it's the best retro red lip I've tried. If you're familiar with matte MAC lipsticks you know that their matte variants can be really drying. This is no exception. I tried this on in a freezing MAC counter and there was significant tugging involved to get the product completely on my lips. So moisturizing your lips is necessary before you put this on.

What I love about red lipsticks-- MAC red lipsticks in particular, is that after much gabbing, eating and drinking, the color fades a bit but leaves a very nice stain on the lips. When I want it to last really long though, I put on two layers, and with a tissue on my lips I dust loose powder on it. 

+ excellent color payoff
+ leaves a nice stain on the lips as opposed to other red lipsticks that fade away completely or leave a liner-like stain around the lips
+ a little goes a long way, one swipe is enough-- you can layer on though if you want the product to last longer on your lips
+ doesn't melt on the tube! I have a bunch of lip products that could not withstand the recent Manila heat. This one was unfazed by all that though-- if anything it made application a lot more smoother/easier.

- some might find this a bit pricey (it retails for P1000 in MAC Counters)
- very drying

Will I buy this again?
Definitely! If you love a retro, very matte red lip, this is the product to get. It's such a classic red lipstick. 

How does it compare to MAC Russian Red?
MAC Russian Red is a bluish-red lip too but it on the darker side. You can read up on my review on MAC Russian Red HERE

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