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17 August 2015

Over the years I've accumulated a bunch of beauty beliefs from magazines, beauty bloggers, my mom and my aunts, friends, etc. Some might seem downright ridiculous (putting on a swipe of mascara, a dash of baby powder, and then another swipe of mascara again to make your lashes thicker -- THIS WORKS BY THE WAY), while some seem harmless enough to try. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out beauty tips and (even products), but I've remained faithful to those I found really work:

1. Never go to bed without washing your face.

2. Wash your face a maximum of twice daily. Overwashing could leave your face chapped or irritated. Also, overwashing could kick oil glands to overdrive thereby increasing the oil on your face.

3. Avoid touching your face.

4. Exfoliating twice or thrice a day can do wonders for brightening up your face. Make sure to find one that is gentle enough for your face. I highly recommend Cure Natural Aqua Gel, which is readily available in Beauty Bar and Rustan's.

5. Having oily skin is not an excuse to skip on moisturizers. Moisturizers are not just for people who have dry skin. There's a moisturizer for every skin type.

6. Drink lots of water. 

7. Groom your brows. Your eyebrows frame your face so it's vital that you shape them well. For those who are not too confident about grooming your brows on your own, you can have it done professionally for a while and once you're familiar with the shape to maintain-- just remove the stray hairs on your own. 

8. Weekly face mask sheets. I've read that Korean women use face mask sheets every night-- and we all know how bright and supple their faces are. I'd do this every night too but that might burn a serious hole in my pocket. Incorporating face mask sheets into your weekly beauty routine however, will really do wonders for your skin. I've tried face mask sheets from Watson's and these are the ones I normally buy

9. Avoid alcohol-based products. It does not take much to make my cheeks flush-- and if you're the same way, you might want to reconsider alcohol-based products as these will just make your face flare up more. 

10. Keep out of the Sun and use sunscreen. If your job entails being out in the sun all day, do lather on sunscreen. You might like the effect of having a bit of color on your skin but prolonged harsh sun exposure could bring skin problems in the future. No time in the morning to put on sunscreen on your face? Opt for products that have SPF. 

I'm always interested to know about beauty beliefs/routines of other ladies. Care to share yours? 

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