Blushing Belle: Benefit's Benetint

20 October 2015

It took a while before I bought a bottle of Benetint. I was looking for a blush that would give the most natural flush on my cheeks and Benefit's Benetint came highly recommended. I danced around the idea of getting my bottle of Benetint for a few weeks before I finally gave in. I actually went to Benetint's branches in Greenbelt, Trinoma, Rustan's Makati, SM Mall of Asia before I decided to buy. I've had this for months now, as you could probably tell from the label which is almost coming off already. But I'm barely halfway through it. 


Bottle - I was nervous about this at first because I've had a bunch of beauty products in bottles and sometimes the product would spill. Thankfully, that's not the case with the glass bottle of Benetint.

Applicator - The thin brush applicator is similar to nail polish applicators. I think it's designed that way because you apply the Benetint in lines/stripes on the apples of your cheeks.

How to Apply:

1. Trace 5 short lines on the apples on your cheeks.

2. Veeeeeery gently pat the product on your cheeks until the lines blend together and you get the desired flush on your cheeks. 

I know some people who dislike this because according to them, it does not give the amount of flush it claims. But I think the trick here is to master patting on the product on your cheeks. You have to do it with a very light hand because the product could just stick to your fingers. Practice makes perfect!


+ Gives the most natural flush EVER, once you master the technique of applying it
+ The scent. Oh my goodness the rose scent. If Benefit made a bottle of perfume off of the Benetint scent I'd buy it stat
+ A little goes a long way! The bottle may be small but it has a lot of product in it


- Some might find this pricey at P1600
- Not something you'd use if your skin is not in its best state. I love using this just on top of my tinted moisturizer when I don't have to put powder on
- Application can be quite tricky at first

Will I buy this again?

YEP. Of all the cream and liquid blushes I've tried, this is, hands down, the blush that gives the most natural flush.

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