Monday's Five

09 January 2017

{sugary star pastillas}

Back at starting the week with a collection of photos that caught my eye the previous week! I'm hoping that work will be less stressful (EMPHASIS ON HOPE), or at least I get to manage my time wisely so I can balance work, wedding planning, quality time with loved ones, etc. On another note, we've just gotten our passports back with our visa for Japan xxxxxx so excited for our trip in February xxxxx Any tips for us when we go to Tokyo? It'll still be winter when we visit so I'd like to know how bundled up we'll have to be! I'd appreciate site and restaurant suggestions, too xxx

{this pretty palette}

{still not over dainty gold necklaces}

{frayed jeans are the new distressed jeans? I am dooooooooooown}

{Lariat details}

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