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06 January 2017

In November 2016, my face became dry and itchy and I blame the cooler weather for this. Drier skin meant I had to switch up my skin care routine for a thicker moisturizer (which my skin quickly absorbs, thank goodness) and a gentle facial mist to spritz throughout the day.

I found out about Avene from my dermatologist since highschool. My skin is extra sensitive and I get red in the face real fast so she told me to try Avene's Thermal Spring Water. Back then the Avene Thermal Spring Water was not available in the Philippines yet and I had to get a tiny bottle from my doctor at a ridiculous price. Fortunately this is now readily available in SM Department Stores. 
I love this. I broke out recently and this saved my skin. I'd spray this on my skin soooo many times a day to make it calm down. This is so gentle and good for the skin in fact, that after I got a laser procedure (I broke out so bad so a laser procedure was necessary towards the end of 2016) this was the only thing my doctor allowed me to put on my face. 
This product is amazing. It makes your face calm down and leaves it brighter.

Still related to my bad breakout, my doctor made me report on the stuff that I put on my face and she basically made me stop using everything I had and recommended I use this. My face loves it. It's great for sensitive skin, it's thicker than my previous gel moisturizer but it's not heavy and my skin absorbs it real quick. Also, SPF! Although my doctor recommends that girls put on facial sunblock even though the moisturizer already has SPF (this may require a separate post). 

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